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Law & Order is a platform dedicated to students at all levels of post-secondary education, as well as scholarly experts interested in areas of law, policy, global affairs, and economics. Mainstream academia tends to be dominated by established voices of the past generation that provide great insight.  


We are committed to bringing an accessible, current, and youth-driven dimension to legal, political, economic, and international relations scholarship. Our mission is to highlight the voices of young scholars and budding professionals by giving them a space to share high-quality, reliable, and informative publications. 

We accept weekly submissions on a rolling basis from all contributors. Submissions can pertain to national or international political, social, economic, civil, and criminal issues or sub-issues. Law & Order seeks to publish a wide variety of submissions in subjects such as Corporate Law, Taxation Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Labour Laws, Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Ethics, Political Science, International Relations, Global Security, Economics and much more!

Our mission is to create a system wherein editors and writers work closely as one-on-one collaborators in the editing process.

A Message from the Co-Founders

Gracy and I have been friends since high school. We went on to pursue two completely different fields at university, in very different parts of the world, yet we encountered the same problem: a lack of focused and dedicated guidance for young writers when it comes to academic writing. 


The struggle to write perfectly researched and accurately referenced essays when we were first-year students was never-ending: we spent countless nights at the library reading, writing, and trying again. We could not help but wonder how much better our work could be with the reassurance, detailed feedback, and active involvement of a second person.

Having experienced this, we hoped to build a platform where editors and writers can closely collaborate and create digital content that is easily accessible, high-quality, and relevant to the times we live in. 


Law & Order has been designed to disrupt the current norm in academic digital content writing.

Not only do we publish highly nuanced and deeply analyzed content that is currently relevant, but we are also a youth-driven platform that supports young writers and scholars with individual attention, detailed suggestions, and constructive feedback. 


We strongly believe that peer-review can create both better content and better writers. 


We know this through the 130+ submissions, 35+ published authors, 150+ followers on LinkedIn, and 1200+ readers we have garnered in the span of just one month. 

Through all the support we have found in this small but unified community, our belief in this vision has solidified and we cannot wait to take this platform to great(er) heights!


A big shoutout to the team: Jalaj and Arkoprabho (Senior Editors), and Antara and Yashwardhan (Associate Editors) for their brilliant work and commitment to this process - thank you for believing in this idea as much as we do and making it all happen. 


A special thank you to Isha, our website designer, and creative head, who has given our vision its right form and colour.


We are grateful to our authors and readers. The future is promising. A lot more to come soon - stay tuned!



Shamshir Malik 

(Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Law & Order



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