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Law & Order is a platform dedicated to students at all levels of post-secondary education, as well as scholarly experts interested in areas of law, policy, global affairs, and economics. Mainstream academia tends to be dominated by established voices of the past generation that provide great insight.  


We are committed to bringing an accessible, current, and youth-driven dimension to legal, political, economic, and international relations scholarship. Our mission is to highlight the voices of young scholars and budding professionals by giving them a space to share high-quality, reliable, and informative publications. 

We accept weekly submissions on a rolling basis from all contributors. Submissions can pertain to national or international political, social, economic, civil, and criminal issues or sub-issues. Law & Order seeks to publish a wide variety of submissions in subjects such as Corporate Law, Taxation Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Labour Laws, Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Ethics, Political Science, International Relations, Global Security, Economics and much more!

Our mission is to create a system wherein editors and writers work closely as one-on-one collaborators in the editing process.


Youth Policy Review is a student-run academic blog that focuses on research-based analysis and insights on various topics related to EconomicsFinance and Public Policy. It is a platform where students can offer their opinions on various issues that affect all of us. They also interview various experts from these domains to share their insights on various issues with their readers.

Having started in July 2020, they are now a team of more than forty members aiming to make Finance, Economics and Policy more accessible and enjoyable to read. 

Check out their blog here.

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