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Happy Women's Day

Over the centuries, as times evolved, women have realised their power. From nurturing kids to contributing towards GDP, Time and again they have proven to be an epitome of balance. Today, at Law & Order, a female-led organisation, we raised topics that often strike women on their journeys to start off something challenging.

Q: Who are the female leaders in your personal life that inspire you?

My mother, who is a teacher, has inspired me in being the woman I am today. I have seen her work tirelessly at home and shaping lives at school, balancing it all out with a smile. I have seen her get tired but she never stopped. This quality is exactly what women leaders possess- never stop or give up!

My Co-Founders and I started this platform to ease the transition of school students going into college so that nothing stops their progress as professionals and academicians so that they never have to give up because they didn't have the right guidance and support. We as a team never stop building on new ideas and expanding our community.

~ Gracy Bindra, Editor-In-Chief, Law

Q: What is something you would want other women who are starting a business or organisation to know?

I want them to know that they don't need to wait around until they are "qualified" to avail certain opportunities or start something of their own. As females, more often than not, we're socially conditioned to be timid and extra conscious of how we are perceived by others. This translates to feeling a lack of agency, control, and confidence.

Generally, men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. So, even if you think your resume is not good enough, just apply for that job. Even if you think you're not capable, just start the business or platform that you've always dreamt of running. People will reject you. But rejection won't break you. It will make you stronger.

My Co-Founders and I jumped into starting L&O head first because we knew what we wanted, we didn't care what other people think of us and we ended up creating a community of authors and readers from all over the world.

If it's something you know you're great at, never be afraid to be bold and show your stripes.

Q: What can we do to uplift other women?

We need to celebrate each other's strengths. There is a negative perception around females who work together. If there's just one seat at the table for us, we're all going to be competing against each other for it. But things have changed - there are more seats for females on the table now and we need to build each other up in an intentional way.

It's more than just "being kind" - we need to recognize and acknowledge each other's strengths at a deeper level. It's all about the small things: instead of telling your female colleague "Nice hair!", try saying "You're a great communicator." As a team of 3 female co-founders, we make it a point to recognise each other's strengths regularly. The key is to say it as often as you can.

Backing up other women, stepping up to recognize their contributions and professional strengths, connecting them to the right people, and mentorship —- these are the most valuable things women can do for each other.

~ Shamshir Malik, Editor-in-Chief, Policy, Global Affairs, and Economics

The sum and substance of all that has been questioned and answered are that women hold the potential to shape the world for the better. In a world where decisions are being taken every second, women are playing a crucial role to further the vision of a harmonious and sustainable future. On this special occasion, we congratulate all the females who dared to make a difference in the society.


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